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Indra Jatra and the Living goddess

Indra / Kumari Jatra October 2012 Kathmandu Nepal

sunny 25 °C

This day was far too hard to put into writing so I made a film of of it instead...... and what a crazy, fun and exciting day it was too!!

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The height of Sophistication

Gin and Tonic at 40,000 ft

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Travel writings: The hellish journey is over

40 hours, 3 take off and landings, 5268 miles (as the crow flies), 3 turkish evil eyes, a heart shaped stone, 150 cursing stares, 2 glasses of red wine, 8 beers, 3 Gin and Tonics, ZERO CIGARETTES

all seasons in one day

Travel writings

So after nearly 40 hours, 3 take off and landings, 5268 miles (as the crow flies), 3 turkish evil eyes, a heart shaped stone, 150 cursing stares, 2 glasses of red wine, 8 beers, 3 Gin and Tonics, ZERO CIGARETTES and being £100 down after having to eat generic airport food and buy a new pair of headphones Im sitting on my flight to Kathmandu from Dubai..

but lets go back a bit first…..

Leaving England at 4am sucks. It was cold, windy and pissing with rain (would you expect anything else?) but at least my last memory of England for a little while will be my amazing Mum, Dad and Richard. My Friends and Sarah's beautiful smile…. (still got my stone by the way)

2 Days Travel

I've only used the saying "It's like deaths waiting room" twitce before. The first time was when me and Steve had come back from a party in London very early in the morning only to discover that the Weatherspoons pub in Kingston opens at 8:30am…. so still in the party mood of course we went in a for a beer! One beer later we rapidly realised that the smell of piss and old ashtrays wasn't coming from the pub (or us) but from the people drinking in there…. deaths waiting room indeed... ashen faced bartenders, some of which were probably at the same party we were at the night before, were trying to look interested and like they gave a shit, the other early morning punters were trying to get there pints to the mouths without spilling it with their 'shakes' and all this mixed with the occasional moan of unknown origin made for a rather depressing atmosphere!

The second was at Istanbul airport…. and the airport itself is really not as bad as I'm making it out to be…Its pretty. There are modern toilets, all types of food and all in a clean modern building. BUT after 10 hours of traipsing around with overly laden backpack (because I packed in such a hurry that I pretty much did take the kitchen sink) I had a sore neck, had spent more money then I had thought because of my slightly tipsy and over tired brain getting a decimal point in the wrong place when looking at the exchange board and had been ripped off over some horrible fried chicken I chose ironically because it was the cheapest thing there. The said Popeye chicken was cheap indeed… but when I saw the young turkish guy with a sly grin and slicked back greasy hair cover part of the the screen with his plastic gloved hand… I smelt a rat…. well actually I smelt greasy chicken but I'm sure they smell similar. Anyway when I looked at the receipt sure enough he had 'Accidentally' put the order through twice…. but I knew I was being hoodwinked when his friend came over and put the money back on the card without even talking to his colleague! It was all very fishy… well chickeny… ok enough of those jokes!
The next horrendous moment came when sitting drinking a pint of beer with music in my ears minding my own business. The bar was a little place with only a few comfy leather chairs… all of a sudden a group of about 150 or so people all wearing very conservative clothes for a muslim country walked past, I think they must have been at the airport to head off on a pilgrimage or something but pretty much every single one of them looked at my beer… then looked up in horror at me and then looked at me with eyes that could send my soul straight to hell without even the devil being involved. the only exceptions were a few of the men who looked at the beer and then just kept looking at it with a slight look of 'aww i wish I could have one of those'

But actually I think its just the length of time there that made me grouchy, cant blame the place or the people!

I got a message from Tom saying "some people say its the journey and not the destination"…….. NOT IN THAT PLACE!!

What a difference a Dubai makes… Tiny little departures lounge with a nice little diner selling lamb rice and yogurt or chicken rice and salad! and best of all I managed to bag on of the 20 or so sleeping recliner chairs. 6 SOLID HOURS KIP!! well when I say "6 solid hours' it was interspersed with the call to prayer every now and again and the occasional alarm going off from one of the other happy campers getting up for there flight, or the endless phone calls with people answering in rather loud NAMASTE or SALAM ALAKUM….. then there was the family of 3 kids that decided to take it in turn to cry…. then there was the group of ladies in front of me looking glamorous in there head scarfs and saris but who also decided that they rather fancied listening to some local singalong hindi music….. but actually through all of this I managed to sleep with amazing dreams.

And so now this is where I am up to… I'm sitting on a flydubai flight which consists of roughly 10% western travelers and 90% Nepali workers on there way home from slaving… COUGH… I mean working in Dubai. Me and 3 other of the English speaking contingancy were bumped up to man the 4 Emergency doors in the middle of the plane so i'm sitting here with a Gin and Tonic, 3 seats to myself and extra leg room. The height of sophistication.

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My first Blog :0)

Sitting in a shed in the pissing rain.

rain 15 °C

So this is my first blog... never thought I would write one of these things and still not sure why I am. Maybe its to do with my surroundings right now (as you will read in a minute) and I suppose some people might find it interesting in the future when I plan to add photos and videos from various places around the world. It's only 2 months to go now before I go and start my travels in Nepal and I'm already getting excited.... all I need now is some money and some patience!

At this exact moment, I am writing this entry from the inside of a Wooden shed (made to look like a caravan) on bankside in London. BORED! On the side of the Caravan is a LED screen, which I am babysitting, showing a video for people to watch on their way home from work.... and its a bloody good thing that it's waterproof because it is absolutely PISSING it down with rain!!

At my friends Dave and Charlottes wedding at the weekend the Vicar made a joke which is rather fitting for right now.

"In the Bible they spoke of a time when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and they called it a disaster...... we call it... summer"

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